When writing fiction, writer’s block will often rear its ugly face. It’s a feeling of helplessness that gnaws away at you until you’ve completely made yourself, or your brain, discombobulated. You can find yourself staring at the blank computer page until you have little choice but to do other things like social media, news (both real and fake), memes, opinions, and email. In other words, you find yourself perfectly capable of writing everything else but what you intended to write that day.

Blogs are different. I can write whatever I want because 1) It’s my blog. 2) Maybe someone will read it. 3) Maybe nobody will read it. 4) I have endless material. 5) If you have kids you have even more endless material. 6) I have lots of kids. 7) My kids are now having kids. 8) Kids are funny.

As you may have guessed by now, this blog is intended to be funny and will have lots of kids involved. If you find something not funny, refer to reason #3 and apply accordingly.

I will also write stories of my own youth, which by itself, was pretty funny. I also have had plenty of friends throughout my life that did some funny stuff too. There will also be some slightly embellished military stories of when I served in the military.

On occasion, I might get a little serious. It’s a serious world and sometimes life creeps into my thoughts.

What I will avoid, however, are subject areas that could be offensive to some. Politics, for example. I will try to avoid any personal feelings or attacks on political parties…unless it’s just too funny to avoid. Let’s face it, ever since we elected a bright orange draft-dodging oversized Oompaloompa as President over the criminally culpable unfeeling self-serving ice queen, there has been plenty of opinions about both. I, however, will avoid getting personal about either one of those idiotic morons as well as the mindless political followings they have bewitched.

See? I was dreading my explanation, but I think I managed quite well without personally attacking anybody! I will stick to the facts instead of dwelling on assumptions and faults. This way I can remain morally superior and obviously the best choice to lead our country since I am not orange and I actually possess feelings. Also, I’m a distant cousin of Abraham Lincoln and that alone should qualify me.

Moral of this blog entry? Kids are funny and politics are not. I’ll try to stick to the kids.


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