Frustrating times…

I know I’m not the only one to notice it, but we sure live in frustrating times! Whether you lean right or you lean left, everybody’s frustrated. It almost feels like we’re all back on the playground throwing unintelligent insults at each other and trying to get our friends to back us up. And the memes…half of them are fake on both sides and people are reposting them as if they’re the truth. Nobody checks facts anymore and just accepts that if it’s on the internet, it must be true. Our news organizations drift further and further away from just reporting the news and it seems as if they feel obligated to take sides, both right and left. Basically, everybody is at fault. We let things come to this and it didn’t happen overnight. You can blame the current president or you can blame the president before him, but the fact remains, politicians follow a different set of rules and have a different agenda than the rest of us…whether we know it or not. All this talk about health care? They have their own program and it seems to work just fine…except, we don’t have it.

I have watched as friends have turned on each other and stated they are no longer friends because of politics. The worst part is, I have watched these same friends take on the role of political expert and quote “facts” they got from the news or internet while the other friend quotes opposite “facts” they got from the news or internet. They can’t both have “facts” that are true yet oppose each other. Basically, the definition of a fact used to be, “a thing that is known or proved to be true.” Seeing it on tv or on the internet does not fit this definition. We are disowning our friends over opinions, not facts.

Now granted, some friends need to be disowned. I just wonder why after over 200 years as a country, with the exception of the Civil War, we are no longer tolerant of each other and can no longer state we are “One Nation.” We used to be a country of laws, but now I see lawlessness at the highest levels of power…with no repercussion. To be clear, this is happening on the right and the left. Politicians were originally elected to represent us. Now they represent the money. This is my opinion, not a fact that I can prove or have firsthand knowledge about, so please don’t disown me!

It’s not just politics…we’ll pretty much argue and disagree about anything we can. We don’t need facts. We don’t need to try and see another’s point-of-view. Heck, we don’t even need to let each other speak or have a turn anymore. We just need to be right.

NEW YORK PERSON: Wow, what a beautiful red sky!

CALIFORNIA PERSON: What are you talking about? The sky is blue!

NEW YORK PERSON: You’re wrong, it’s red! I’m looking at it right now!

CALIFORNIA PERSON: So am I and it’s blue and it’s a beautiful blue with not a cloud in the sky!

NEW YORK PERSON (laughing sarcastically): Right! Those aren’t clouds in the West producing the red sky?

MOSCOW PERSON: Nyet, you idiots…it’s night time. The sky is black.

Silly argument? Obvious to you that they’re looking at a different sky in a different time zone in different parts of the world? They seem pretty stupid, huh? Obvious that they’re making arguments without considering the facts for each one of them? That’s what we’ve come to. Besides, I just looked out my window and the sky is definitely grey. Lots of clouds.

So, you ask, what can we do to become civil again? Well, it’s obvious. We just need to all agree that I’m right about everything and everybody else is wrong. You see, this way we would all have the same opinion and nobody would need to argue. When I say the sky is grey, those lucky people on a sunny beach somewhere need to swallow their own opinions and agree. Of course, we’ll always have dissenters…

DAZEODREW FOLLOWER: What a beautiful grey sky!

DAZEODREW DISSENTER: Huh? What’re you talking about? It’s a clear blue sunny sky and I’m getting sunburned!

DAZEODREW FOLLOWER: How long have you been colorblind? (Quick personal accusations, whether true or false, are the way of the world now).

DAZEODREW DISSENTER: For real? What color you call this? (Said while slapping a sunburned back).

DAZEODREW FOLLOWER: Hey! That’s it! We’re no longer friends!

We need to rid ourselves of those dissenters! You see how they immediately resorted to sunburned back-slapping violence? We need to get rid of all of them! That’s how we’ll achieve world peace! Make everybody agree with what we say…

If you viewed that last statement and felt something was wrong, you’re right. We need a difference of opinion in this world. We need varying points of view. We need to be able to open up our minds to other opinions. Bottom line…we need to learn to listen again. It’s only then that we’ll learn to get along again. We all come from different places, different circumstances, and different opinions. That’s what used to make America great. We used to be a giant melting pot where most of us learned to get along. Granted, we’ve made mistakes along the way, some BIG mistakes, but we learned from them…or so I used to think…

In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”


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