The 24th Chromosome (A Book Promotion)

Dr. Hubbard is a psychology professor at a prominent university. He delves into the field of genetics and develops a theory that a new species of man is evolving. At first he is accepted as a brilliant scientist and the government awards him a grant to continue with his research. In time, however, other scientists doubt his theory and base their doubts on the fact that he is an expert in psychology, not genetics. As the scientific and medical worlds ridicule him, the government pulls their grant and the university releases him.

Brian Radcliffe is a computer software billionaire who believes in Dr. Hubbard’s theory. He finances the research for Dr. Hubbard and hides the work in a secret lab located in the Cascade Mountains. The theory is reinforced by a number of babies being born in the world who are intellectually superior to other babies. The new species is dubbed Homo futurus, but research is hindered by the early deaths of these infants. The rest of the world blames the deaths on SIDS, but Dr. Hubbard believes something else may be the cause. The only way to study this is to kidnap one of the babies for research.

Michael is the baby who is kidnapped and he shows intelligence far beyond normal humans. They keep Michael in a germ free, environmentally safe enclosure and he lives far beyond the other babies. In time, his knowledge surpasses the scientists studying him and he discovers the cause of the early deaths. A virus that is carried in the oral cavities of Homo sapiens turns out to be deadly for the new species. After increased exposure to this virus, the new species dies.

Jack McGowen is an FBI agent tasked to keep an eye on Brian Radcliffe. Through various actions, he suspects something going on at the Cascade hideaway. He manages to infiltrate the group, but is captured in a failed attempt to get information. He eventually joins the group and becomes Michael’s best friend.

The group is left with the task of coming up with a way to save the new species because the new species is increasingly being born. There is no doubt that all of human kind will soon be evolving. With the government closing in on their research, they have little time to waste. A secret airtight colony of the new species is developed and kept secret in a set of mountain caverns. They grow to be self-reliant and there are high hopes the colony will survive.

The government finally closes in on the project and a battle is fought at the mountain compound. The new species survives through the use of laser weaponry and this sets the tone for the rest of their survival. Michael is now the leader of the colony.


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