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This last winter, we had a snowstorm. I know a good number of you reading this are saying, “So what Mr. Dazeodrew? We get snowstorms all the time…sometimes in July and we have to walk to school in it, uphill, both ways!” First of all, if you’re remembering a snowstorm in July where you went to school, I might not believe you. Of course, since my blog posts are filled with all kinds of embellishment, I’ll keep that opinion to myself. I wouldn’t want to be labeled a hypocrite…

Anyway, we had a snowstorm. In Western Washington, while it’s not unheard of, it’s not very frequent. When I lived in Wisconsin, I might’ve used that July snowstorm story, but on the Left Coast, no. This snowstorm dumped about 20 inches of snow in 3 days. It was an event over here. Along with the fact that the city I live in only owns half a snowplow (don’t ask me to explain it), we were snowed in. It was deep enough that my wife’s car couldn’t move from in front of our house.

Now those of you that have read my other blog posts know that I would do almost anything for my wife. I’ve mentioned that she’s pretty and smells good so I am completely under her spell. The cool part is, she does stuff for me too! We have a very giving relationship and that makes me want to please her even more. The difference with our giving is, she does all the little things to make me feel content and happy. I, on the other hand, will sometimes go to the extreme to make her happy. Getting her coffee every morning for almost twenty years is a little thing. What I did during that snowstorm was extreme.

It was the third day of the snowstorm when it happened. My wife mentioned that she craved a maple bar. For those of you who don’t know what that is, I’ll explain. It’s a long John donut with maple frosting and very crave-able, apparently especially during a snowstorm. I hated the fact that I couldn’t move the car and get it for her, so I decided to walk to the store that had her favorite maple bars. I checked to see if they were open (many stores were not) and put my boots and winter jacket on. I was determined to get this for her.

Of course, the store was a little over a mile away. Of course, the 20 inches of snow was wet and slushy. Of course, the trip took a little longer because I had to dodge “soon-to-be stuck” vehicles (I actually helped push two of them along the way) and very deep water in the tire ruts left behind. It was messy. All this prompted me to take a different less traveled way to the store and brought me through what we call “the auto mall.” This is where about a dozen dealerships are congregated together to make auto purchasing easier. As I sloshed through the snow, slush, and water, a light bulb went off in my head. I really didn’t want to walk back.

There was only one dealership that was open and only a small number of people were actually working. Thankfully, one was a salesman and another was a paperwork specialist. They almost seemed shocked when I came walking through the door.

ME: I want to buy an SUV or truck.

SALESMAN: Do you have a preference?

ME: Yeah, I’d like it to start and drive.

SALESMAN (after a brief chuckle): Okay…we’ll just see what we can see under the snow.

We walked back outside and trudged through the lot, every now and then stopping to wipe snow to see what kind of vehicle was under it. Then one pile of snow caught my critical and experienced eye.

ME: What’s under that pile?

SALESMAN (clearly not liking the adventure anymore): Which pile?

ME: That pile. (I began to wipe the snow).

We cleared most of it off and I took a good look. It was a dark blue 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee with very low mileage and all its service paperwork. The price looked ok, but I hesitated just a moment before committing. Then the sky opened up and a beam of sunlight shot down to the Jeep. A choir of angels began to sing. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I shook the snow off my head.

ME: Did you see that?

SALESMAN: I saw your face go funny…how long have you been walking in the snow?

ME: I’ll take this Jeep.

I drove off the lot about 15 minutes later. I went to the store, grabbed a maple bar, then drove crazily home with my new used four-wheel-drive.

ME: Here’s your maple bar.

WIFE: Oh! Thank you! I can’t believe you walked all the way there and back just to get me a maple bar.

ME: Um…

Anyway, we needed a second vehicle.


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