The Coffee Girl

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while might remember the post “White Chocolate.” In that post, I talk about how I get my wife an espresso drink every morning and have for years. Yes, I’m a nice husband. Yes, I love my wife. Also, yes, I have a good marriage in that she does wonderful and thoughtful things for me as well. But I also like getting her coffee every morning because I like to start my day with friendly faces…thus, this post is about the coffee girl.

In the past couple decades, I’ve seen quite a few coffee people come and go. Some were special and I still talk with them when I see them out and about. Some didn’t last very long. Some just weren’t very good at certain aspects of their job, like customer service. This post is about one of the current coffee people and I have to admit, she’s special.

I remember when she was hired several years ago. She was friendly, courteous, and talkative in a good way. After a few visits, she began to call me “White Chocolate” because I didn’t tell her my name. It became a game to try to figure out my name and after two months, it finally ended when she saw my credit card. That was a fun time.

Since I don’t use real names in my blog posts, we’ll just call her “Bindi.” Bindi makes me smile every time I see her in the morning. She always has a big smile and greets me loudly when I come through the door, no matter who is standing by. When she says, “Good morning White Chocolate,” it definitely causes people to stare and wonder. I always greet her back and I get in line.

Sometimes she will say things to try to embarrass me a little and sometimes it works. She began the tradition of adding a little too much whipped cream to my wife’s drink so I have to scoop some out (and eat it) before I can get the lid on. She will sometimes take care of customers that were behind me in line before me so we can talk a little longer. All of this is done with her omnipresent smile and like I said earlier, I can only smile back. She definitely makes my morning brighter.

She’s a little bit boy crazy and will tell me all about the “Hot Guy” that came in earlier. She also has nicknames for some of the other customers and probably makes each of them feel special as well. Bindi is the perfect barista and I’ve never had a bad experience getting coffee whenever she’s working…actually, I don’t think I’ve had a bad experience with any of her crew that she manages. She always seems to hire wonderful people who are always personable and polite. That’s why I keep coming back and that’s saying something because, in the Pacific Northwest, there’s coffee shops everywhere. I swear you could climb Mount Rainier and find an espresso stand at the top…well, maybe not, but probably close to the top.

This past week Bindi went on vacation and asked if I would miss her. I said I would and I do. Even though I get smiles from everyone else, Bindi is special. She gives me hugs when she’s happy and since she’s happy most of the time, that’s a lot of hugs! On a few occasions, she’s actually run out to the parking lot just to say good morning or goodbye. I am the luckiest coffee-getting-for-his-wife-guy on the planet. You just can’t discount happiness first thing in the morning.


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  1. White chocolate! You made me feel so special. Love you! Happy you love your wife so much that you get her coffee. Without ur love for her i would have never met you. See you tomorrow white chocolate!

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