House Hunters

Recently, we were given a notice to vacate our rental because the landlord needed to make renovations. We didn’t see it coming, so even though we were given 2 months to leave, it still caught us off guard. Now we’re going through the pain of either finding another rental or buying a house so we don’t have to deal with landlords anymore. When I began the search to buy the house, I was shocked at the prices. The average home in our county is $375,000. I suddenly understand some of the homelessness.

I also decided to look at rentals…not much better. An average cost for a 2 bedroom home with about 1000 square feet was $1800 a month. An apartment was not much better at about $1550 a month. After all this, we actually discussed putting our stuff in storage and getting an RV for a while so we could save up some money. Of course, finding a place to park it would be the next issue.

ME: Hey! We’re in the neighborhood. Can we stop by for a visit?


Fifteen minutes later…

ME: Another extension cord will do it.

FRIEND: Um, ok…

Fifteen days later…

ME: I can’t believe your neighbors complained!

FRIEND: Yeah, well, you know neighbors…haha.

Fifteen minutes later…

ME: Hey! We’re in the neighborhood. Can we stop by for a visit?

ANOTHER FRIEND: Um, we’re leaving for a cruise or something…

ME: Maybe next week then?

ANOTHER FRIEND: Um, it’s a really long cruise…

ME: Next month?


ME: …you talked to my other friend, didn’t you?

ANOTHER FRIEND: Um, yeah. We really can’t have your RV in our yard…sorry.

So, since we would probably lose all our friends…and relatives, we are going with buying a house. We decided to look a little further away with hopes that the home prices would be cheaper. We looked fifty miles away, then eighty miles away. We kept going further away until my wife put an end to it.

WIFE: We are NOT moving to Mexico!

ME: But this one is affordable!

WIFE: It’s a cardboard box!

ME: But it’s a really big cardboard box!

All in all, it’s been an educational experience. Since we’re in our later years, we have to consider that whatever we buy, we still have to be able to afford it when we retire. That’s the real challenge.

Whatever we decide to do, I’m sure it’ll end up in a blog post somehow. So, I guess I can finish this post by saying…TO BE CONTINUED…


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