Highway of Death

Haunted by dreams, deep in despair

I can feel your presence, why are you there?

The fires are burning, the stench fills the air

Of fuel and flesh, there’s death everywhere.

We hover above, looking for life

The uplifting wind cuts through like a knife.

The living, they stagger, they fill the debris

The hell we had gave them, they seek to be free.

Arms wave in the air, for them it is done

They only seek shelter, relief from the sun.

They fought for a tyrant, some food and some money

But where is it now?  Isn’t life funny?

But not all are forlorn, not all are defeated

The fight lingers on, the wrongs are repeated.

One shoots to the sky, some others they follow

A shot hits inside, the sound of it hollow.

An order comes back, to shoot, return fire

To bring death to life, to add to the pyre.

But one thought, it nags, must all have to die?

The order redoubles, bring death from the sky.

How long will it linger, the day we played God

We chose life and took life, with barely a nod.

And now we are haunted and deep with despair

Our thoughts are unspoken, in need of repair.

Just a look or a glance and our eyes veer away

We killed some of you and now we must pay.

We’re back in the world and we struggle to breathe

Why them, and not us?  The thoughts make us seethe.

A name they can give this, a label, a mark

It can’t make a difference; we’re still in the dark.

The doctors, the pills, the listening ears

They serve to remind us with bristling tears.

We played judge and jury, and when it’s the end

We’ll play it all over and still be condemned.

Haunted by dreams, deep in despair

I can’t feel your presence, are you still there?


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