Daisy Duke

When I was a young man, I went to a car show with 5 of my buddies. It wasn’t something we normally did but it was a rainy day and we decided at the last minute to go. We bought our tickets at the door and began to wander around. We didn’t wander too much because they had a beer garden (indoors) and we spent some time there.

After a few beers, we began to get a little loud and they asked us to move along if we could. We didn’t mind. Now that we had a healthy buzz going, it was definitely more fun to look at the cars. One of the attractions caught our eye. They had a replica of the General Lee, the car used in the Dukes of Hazard series that was pretty popular at the time. They also had Daisy Duke (Katherine Bach) signing autographs and she was definitely pretty popular at the time…especially for young guys like us.

We were hanging around the fringes of the line that led to Daisy Duke when one of my friends suddenly challenged me to get a kiss from her. It was well known at the time that I very seldom refused a dare so that’s why he challenged me. For once, I wasn’t too keen on the idea, and I just laughed it off. Then he bet me $20 that I couldn’t do it. I still hesitated, mainly because I didn’t have $20 on me or even at home for that matter. Then the other 4 guys each added their own $20 to the bet, making it $100. I foolishly took the bet and decided to figure out the money later if I lost.

The key thing here is that as a young man, I didn’t want to look bad in front of my friends. When you’re that young, your reputation means everything, whether its good or bad. I had a reputation for accepting dares and generally winning them. I wasn’t so confident of this dare, however. I could only imagine how many times this poor woman was asked for a kiss by some dimwitted guy who thought they had a chance. I wasn’t that disillusioned to think I had any chance whatsoever, but I had to try.

I stood in line for about ten minutes while my buddies laughed off to the side. They were certainly having a good time at my expense. When I became the second person in line, my confidence took another blow when the guy in front of me tried to get her to autograph his chest. She simply stated, “I don’t do that kind of thing.” He settled for an autograph on a glossy 8×10 photo of her in her famous little shorts (Daisy Dukes they call them now). Then it was my turn and I walked up to the table.

ME: Hi.

DAISY: Hi! You want an autograph?

ME: Um, no. (I could see a slight exasperated look cross her face).

DAISY: Then what would you like?

ME: Um, a kiss?

DAISY: I don’t do that.

ME: Ok.

I turned to leave and saw my buddies doubled over in laughter. I felt embarrassed.

DAISY: Wait… (I turned around to face her). Did those guys over there put you up to this?

ME: Yeah. They dared me to ask you.

DAISY: For money? Or did you think you could convince me with your good looks? (I began to relax and laughed).

ME: We both know it wasn’t my good looks! (She smiled and actually came around the table to stand in front of me).

DAISY: How much am I worth?

ME: Um, what?

DAISY: How much is the bet for?

ME: They each bet me $20, so $100 in all.

DAISY: That’s all I’m worth?

ME: Oh, no! That’s all they bet! I know you’re worth a whole lot…I mean…

DAISY: It’s ok, I’m just teasing you. You’re kind of cute when you’re flustered. (Now I was embarrassed again).

ME: Um, thanks?

Then she put her arms around me and gave me a long kiss on the lips. I was shocked beyond words. She broke it off and smiled at me.

DAISY: Go get your money. I hope it was worth it.

ME: Um…

I became a legend with my group of friends for almost a week until the next crazy thing happened. I don’t know what that crazy thing was, but I definitely enjoyed my time as a popular kid for that whole week. All of this was due to a nice woman who seemed to understand what I was going through more than I did. I still didn’t watch Dukes of Hazard, but I have nothing but love for Daisy Duke.


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