Feeling Weird

Do you ever have those days where the world has suddenly become a fuzzy place and you can’t decide on even the simplest of decisions? It’s like having a cloud over your head and you just feel weird? You know you have things to get done but you find yourself unable to decide what to do first so you just do nothing? Having a clear thought is just out of reach and you suddenly feel irritable at everyone and everything?

I woke up this morning in a haze and 2 hours later, I’m still in a haze. For the life of me, I couldn’t come up with a single thing to write about. I even referred to my list of writing ideas and couldn’t make a decision on which idea to write about. Normally, I would go to my wife and she is usually good at giving me ideas, but today it didn’t quite work out…

ME: Hi, you doing ok?

WIFE: No. I can’t seem to think of a thing to write about for my class.

ME: Oh, um…

Yes, the worst case scenario has happened. We’re both indecisive and listless. I even got desperate and asked my cat, but I couldn’t even get a “meow” out of her. She just lifted her head, blinked twice, and laid her head back down.

I looked out the window, hoping to draw some inspiration from something…anything. I finally spotted a squirrel doing what looked like burying some nuts for winter, but he just rolled over and looked exasperated at the day. I looked up to the trees and all the birds are just sitting there. I decided enough was enough and went outside to get them out of their funk. I picked up a pine cone and tossed it up near the trees. They didn’t move.

BIRDS (in unison): You missed. Now go away.

Wow. Even the birds and squirrels are listless today, I thought. I even strained my ears to hear a dog bark in the neighborhood. We live in a neighborhood where there’s almost always a dog barking somewhere. Nothing. Silence. Even the wind took the day off.

My next stop was the tv. We hardly ever use it but I was desperate. I found a channel showing my favorite college football team, the Wisconsin Badgers, playing the Ohio State Buckeyes. It was close at first, a real defensive game, but then the Buckeyes seemed to find their energy and ran all over the Badgers. This wasn’t helping, I thought.

So now I’m sitting here, writing about my inability to think of something to write. I thought that writing about not being able to write might help me get out of this listless funk and think of something to write. So far, and I made it so far, I can’t think of anything to write. Even now, as I’m getting ready to wrap this post up, I still have nothing…


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