Moving Sucks – Part II

Well, we finally moved. Yes, it sucked. Don’t get me wrong, the new house I bought is beautiful and my wife is very happy, but the actual move sucked. It’s been a week since the actual moving day and we are still unpacking and discovering broken things. The funny thing is, the broken things are not in the boxes we packed. We had hired movers.

A couple days before our actual move, my back went out. I took some painkillers and worked through it, but I was obviously still restricted with what I could do. We decided to hire a moving company to help us this time because it was a mid-week move and most of our family and friends were working. I figured since they had good reviews and they were professional, everything would be ok…

They arrived on time and realized the estimate they had given us would be off because I was not able to pack as much as I had hoped. They had to get some extra boxes and help us. There were three young guys and a large truck. They spent some time talking on and off but seemed to work pretty hard. I went to get a rental truck to get all our outdoor stuff because for all of us who have moved before, you know things like grills, outdoor furniture, plants, etc. all take up too much room in a truck and I wanted the movers to get everything indoors into their truck. It was a good plan.

When I finished unloading my truck, I had planned to return it. I called my wife at the old house and she said the movers had finished loading their truck but couldn’t fit everything so I decided to keep the truck to get the rest. As I drove back to the old house, I saw them pass by me on their way to the new house. When I got to the old house, I couldn’t believe how much stuff was left unpacked. They also hadn’t left me any boxes, even though they had taken all the unused boxes away with them. That made me a little angry. I had to find more boxes.

I also realized I couldn’t finish the rest myself so I put a plea out on Facebook for boxes and some help. Only my daughter, her boyfriend, and my two young grandsons responded. They helped with what they could (which was a lot) but had to leave because they had work and school the next day. I bit the bullet and asked my landlord for an extra day to clean and finish up. She surprisingly said it would be fine.

I drove to the new house with my load and then I became very angry. The movers had basically just chucked everything into the garage and my wife was in tears. It was a mess. There was no room left in the garage for my current load so we just put most of it into the living room to sort out later. Then came the real anger from me.

I’m guessing most of my readers are fairly intelligent. Even if you aren’t, you’ll understand this next part was just wrong. Most of us can tell when a box is upside down. Little things like, oh, I don’t know, words like, “this side up” or “fragile” generally mean something to most of us. I can tell you now that those words didn’t mean anything to the movers. What solidified my observation was four different Tupperware bins. Most of us can tell that the lids are the top of the bins…

ME (on the phone): Hello? Movers?


ME: Your movers broke a lot of my stuff.

MOVERS: Oh, well, we’re sorry. We’ll send you a claim form.

ME: Send about 50 forms please.

MOVERS: Well, these were some of our best guys.

ME: Really? You have people that are dumber than these guys? They piled our boxes upside down.

MOVERS: Oh, well, it can be difficult to tell what side is up on boxes, haha.

ME: Yeah? Well, even my cat can tell the up side of a box.

After that, they didn’t respond to my messages. My wife blocked the payment. Two days later they called me.

MOVERS: Your payment was declined.

ME: Oh, sorry. I guess you didn’t get what you expected to get, huh?

MOVERS: This is serious.

ME: Yes, it is. Along with all the broken things, I found some boxes of my personal papers outside the back of the garage.

MOVERS: Oh, well at least you found them.

ME: It rained last night. The papers have turned into something resembling mush.

MOVERS: Oh, well, you can get them replaced.


MOVERS: Mr. Dazeodrew? Are you there?

ME: I was just wondering the same thing about you.


ME: Is there an intelligent life form on your planet I can talk to?

Thankfully, I don’t think we’ll be moving again. If we do, I’m going to hire a bunch of cats. At least they can tell the top side of a Tupperware bin.


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