Our New House

Well, we’ve now been in our new house for almost 18 days. We’re still unpacking and sorting and finding broken things that the movers packed. We’re also changing our minds on where we want things and trying to settle in. The one thing we won’t and can’t change is the view out our back windows. It’s all woods and beautiful.

Where we used to live was a nice place, but the neighborhood has begun to deteriorate for one reason or another. It was close enough to downtown Olympia that we often heard sirens from both police and fire engines every hour or so. Our vehicles were subject to car prowling and more than once, we caught people up to no good wandering into our yard. Just a couple of days before we moved, a transient was shot and killed just down the hill from our house. In fact, the day we were moving, we had a sizeable police presence parked in front of the house investigating the murder. We were happy to be leaving.

Where we are now, it’s so quiet at night that you can hear a mosquito pass gas from a dozen feet away. Louder sounds have an echo effect so that when I hear a car door slam, I can’t see how far away it came from. The reason I look is because of living through the car prowls in our old house, as well as the unwanted traffic that used to visit what we called the “meth trailer” down the street at our old place. Now our traffic is limited to the occasional neighbor.

It was quiet we wanted and it is quiet we got. Even the cat seems happier. At our old house, she spent most of her days outside. At this new house, she’s content to only go outside when she has to, um, you know, go. The rest of the time she just follows me around and lays about the place like she owns it.

My wife is definitely happier. She loves the new house and the freedom it has given us as opposed to dealing with a landlord…especially the one we just had. Now if we have a problem with the house, it’s up to us to handle it, which we prefer.

Of course, now we have the wildlife to contend with…which is so much better than contending with a thief trying to break into our cars. In our new neighborhood there are deer, bears, skunks, opossums, racoons, otters, and whatever other animals we haven’t discovered yet. The woods behind our house are surprisingly almost all hardwoods as opposed to the evergreens which are more populous here in the Northwest. When one of my sons came to visit, he said the woods in back reminded him of Wisconsin. I think he nailed why I like them so much, even though I didn’t get the association until he mentioned it.

My only worry is that we’ve only been here for 18 days…maybe we haven’t had time to see the bad element yet. Maybe we’re in an area that has animal gangs. Maybe they’re just waiting until we get fully settled in and feeling safe before they strike.


SKUNK: Not yet…they’re still unpacking.

RACOON: When then?

DEER: Wait until they sit and relax after finishing all their work.

RACOON: Well, what do we do until then?

BEAR: Act like peaceful woodland animals.

OTTER: Yeah, we need to lull them into a sense of peacefulness. Then we invade.

RACOON: Fine, but I know I can smell salmon in that garbage can…

BEAR: Salmon? Um, do we really have to wait?

OTTER: You sure it’s salmon?

DEER (rolling its eyes): Carnivores…

Anyway, we’re very happy now. We’ll be even happier when we get fully settled in. My wife has even agreed to let me get a dog. As long as I can keep the cat and dog from joining the wild animal gang, we’ll be fine.


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