Binge Watching

My wife and I don’t watch the television very much. There have actually been times where we’ve gone up to two weeks without turning it on at all. Every now and then, however, we get the urge to watch a movie. Of course, we have an assortment of movies we own and watch once a year or so, but occasionally we’ll watch something new.

We also have binge-watched certain shows. The ones that come to mind are “That 70s Show” and “The Ranch.” To me, they are basically the same format. Not only do we have a lot of the same actors in both shows, we also have circle time. In “That 70s Show,” circle time comes with a haze of smoke. None of the characters are ever actually seen smoking weed, but it’s assumed that’s what they’re doing. In “The Ranch,” they just swap the weed for whiskey. Also, they both feature cranky old men with goofy kids…or younger adults. My wife and I just love these shows.

Another show my wife and I have binge-watched is “Everybody Loves Raymond.” It doesn’t matter what kind of sense of humor you have, this show is very funny and seems to have laughs for everybody. We didn’t even know about this show until we saw some clips at a Couples Retreat with our church. The guest speaker had a number of clips that worked well with the marriage theme he was promoting. The clips made us laugh so naturally my wife and I sought the show out when we got home.

We also have other shows we binge-watch on our own. I have binge-watched “The Andy Griffith Show,” “Northern Exposure,” and “Law and Order,” um, all of them to include the “SVU” and “Criminal Intent” variations. There are other shows on my list to binge-watch eventually if I can find them. These include “Riptide” and “Simon and Simon.” I’m sure to add many more as time goes and perhaps I have more time to go with it.

Lately, I’ve been binge-watching “Criminal Minds.” It’s not a serious binge, but rather an excuse to wind down after working so late into the night. I’ll watch one or two…or three…occasionally four…I’ve done five shows at a single sitting. There’s a lot of these shows so I’ll be doing this for a while since I’m only in Season five. It’s one of those shows that make me think.

I either like shows that really really make me think or else shows that allow me to not think at all. The not thinking shows are for when I just need an escape from reality for a while. These include the first shows I listed as well as certain movies. “Dumb and Dumber” comes to mind for the no thinking involved shows. So does “Joe Dirt” or almost anything with Adam Sandler. These shows are just pure entertainment and unreal enough to qualify for absolutely no expended brain cells.

Bottom line is, we live at a time where we don’t necessarily have to wait a week for the next episode of many shows. We can just wait out the season and watch them all at once. Also, it’s not a big deal if we miss an episode of anything…we can just watch it “On Demand” the next day or so.

We’ve really come a long ways from having only two or three stations to choose from. I almost miss the days where you had to adjust the piece of foil wrapped around the antenna to get the least amount of snow on the television screen. Well, maybe not.


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