Knowledge is Power…or not

I had a Platoon Sergeant who loved to say this over and over. In the confines of the platoon, it didn’t seem to mean much, but in the outside world, it means everything. Lately, in our media-driven world, the lack of knowledge is very apparent. People go around expressing opinions that they think are their own, but they really are repeating something they watched on tv or on Youtube.

FRIEND: I’m losing my food stamps…can I borrow $100?

ME: Oh, I’m so sorry…what happened?

FRIEND: It’s the deep state, they’re filled with illegal aliens.

ME: Um, what?

FRIEND: The deep state doesn’t want me to eat because I have opinions.

ME: Um, still…what?

FRIEND: They spy on me when I post things on Facebook. I’m against us becoming a socialist country.

ME: So they picked out you specifically to take away your food stamps?

FRIEND: Yes, I’m a danger to the socialists.

ME: Well, you are aware that food stamps are a socialist program, right?

FRIEND: Ha! That’s what they want you to believe!

ME: They?

FRIEND: The deep state. They keep pushing that communist line.

ME: Wait…what?

FRIEND: Are you really that uninformed? Don’t you read my posts?

ME: Well, I tried but…

FRIEND: All I give you are the facts.

ME: The deep state being filled with illegal aliens is a fact?

FRIEND: Sure is. They don’t want us to be independent freedom-loving Americans. They want all the food stamps for their illegal alien families crossing the border by the billions and taking over our country.

ME: So you think they’re taking what’s yours?

FRIEND: I’m an American so I’m entitled to those food stamps!

ME: Do you even know what socialism is?

FRIEND: Of course I do! It’s communism and my ancestors fought to keep them out of our country!

ME: So that entitles you to use my taxes to eat?

FRIEND: What? No, I mean, um, really, um, you should be more informed. So can I have that $100 or not?

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not against food stamps or anything other program that allows people to live. I’ve been on food stamps myself both as a kid and as an adult. These social welfare programs were designed to give people a hand up, but they’ve turned into hand-outs. There are a lot of people who need our help because of disabilities, circumstances beyond their control, and just the difficulties of life itself. These programs were designed to help these people and I fully support them. The only time these things bother me is when people feel entitled to social welfare and they are fully capable of work.

ME: So, did you get the job?

FRIEND: No, I didn’t even apply. They wanted me there by 8 in the morning.

ME: That’s when I go to work.

FRIEND: Well, I can’t do it that early because I have a disabling sleep problem that keeps me from getting up before 10. They should accommodate me, but they won’t.

ME: Can’t you just go to sleep two hours earlier so you can get up two hours earlier?

FRIEND: YOU’RE just like everybody else! YOU don’t even try to understand what I’m going through! Do YOU think I LIKE waking up at 10 every morning?

ME: I would.

FRIEND: You need to become more informed! So, can I borrow $100?

ME: You never paid back the last $100…or the $100 before that…or the $100 before that.

FRIEND: Wow, so you’re keeping track? You’re just like all the other rich people.

ME: Rich people? I work 60 hours a week to just get by, how do you figure I’m rich?

FRIEND: So now you’re laying guilt on me? Nevermind! Now I know who my friends really are!

24 hours later.

FORMER FRIEND: So, do you have that $100? Um, I need to pay for my meds…

ME: You’re on Medicaid. Your meds are already paid for…by me.


I’d like to believe most Americans don’t have a problem with helping truly disabled and elderly people in our country. I’d also like to believe that most Americans do have a problem with people who take advantage of the system for personal gain because it’s easier than working. I don’t know much about a deep state, but I feel pretty confident in my belief that it’s not made up of illegal aliens…


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  1. Exactly white choc! Or when they on government assistance and still continue to get their nails done. Or try to buy $7 dollar coffee with their stamps! I feel help should be used when really in need but people need to help themselves to get out of it and not need help. I miss you White Chocolate! So so so so much! Craig asked about you the other day. Craig is the older skinny guy who you would always see there reading the paper. Ill go to the casino sometime soon !

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