Who'll Stop the Rain?

I made a choice many years ago to move to the Pacific Northwest. Everybody said, “But it rains all the time!” That’s partially true. Summers here are gorgeous. Then come the other three seasons…well, maybe just one. Rain.

I often have dreams of retiring to a tropical climate like Panama or Costa Rica. Sometimes it’s Hawaii or Florida. Of course, in the dreams I’m enjoying the white sand beaches, maybe drinking a fruity tropical drink or a beer with a lime in it…you know, just like the commercials on tv. It also doesn’t help that I’m a Jimmy Buffet fan. That music always makes me want to move south.

The only catch in my dreams are my grandkids. Even though I don’t see them enough now, it would be worse if I moved away. The other catch is my wife. I made the mistake of moving us away once, to Wisconsin, and I’ll never do it again. Other than the extreme change of climate from what my wife was used to, the withdrawal from the grandkids was simply too much for her.

So here we are, in the rain, living the life… I’m not really trying to be negative, I’m just trying to get through one more season of rain. I really don’t like rain. I especially don’t like rain when the temperature is between 30 and 50 degrees. It’s just not very refreshing when it’s cold outside.

I’m not trying to whine. I’ve lived in all kinds of climates before this that were harsher, hotter, and colder. I grew up in Wisconsin, spent some time in Florida, went to basic training in Missouri, hit jump school in Georgia in the summer, spent a year in North Carolina, enjoyed six years in Germany, served in Desert Storm, and now I’m here.

My body did just as well in the below-freezing weather of Wisconsin as it did in the blazing heat of Saudi Arabia. I seem to be able to acclimate quickly wherever I go. I love the sun and I love the snow. I can keep myself occupied in the blazing sun as well as the most frigid winter. I love to be outdoors no matter how hot or how cold. I just don’t like to be wet when it’s between that 30 and 50 degrees that it seems to be for most of the time between October and April here in Olympia. When it does clear up for a couple days at a time, it starts out foggy (from all the prior rain) and dips below freezing at night, a cold damp type of freezing.

I will say one thing about the rainy weather…it makes the Summer so much nicer. I find myself appreciating the sunny warm weather so much more after a long rainy season. Everything is so beautiful and we enjoy the clear star-filled nights for most of the summer long. Mosquitoes aren’t a big issue here, at least not like Wisconsin, and it’s very easy to plan a camping trip that won’t get washed out.

When it comes down to it, I really do love it here. Having family to share it with makes it even better.


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