There's Always One Bad Apple

Throughout my life, I have worked at many different jobs. Most of these jobs have been very different from each other as far as career paths and skills. The one common denominator for most of these jobs is that there’s always at least one terrible person that has to be dealt with. Sometimes they’re in a position of management and sometimes they’re just a co-worker.

I began my early working years as a pallet builder. I’ve already written about some of the bad apples I met there. I also worked at a Boy Scout Camp for a number of summers and each summer produced a bad apple or several. The army had a lot of bad apples but I was generally fortunate to get around them when I had to.

After the army, I held a few various jobs as well as going to school and as usual, there were still bad apples. When I began to represent in court, there were some terrible judges that made life difficult, even though there were some wonderful judges that offset the bad ones. The problem was that the terrible judges made decisions that ruined certain lives. I know they’re only human, but I think a judge should be held to a higher standard of decency than most others. That’s what one of their qualifications are, to be fair and decent. Some of them could use a refresher…

For this post, I’m going to single out two bad apples that I’ve had to deal with at two different jobs. I could single out many more, but this is a blog, not a chapter book.

I once worked for a non-profit that assisted homeless and low-income people with housing. This is a very noble cause that I could fully get behind. My job was as a case manager at a transitional housing building that worked directly with the people who needed help. I had some incredible co-workers that I still admire and respect to this day. They actually cared about the people they helped and went the extra mile to give them every chance to achieve housing stability. These were and still are some of the most unselfish people I ever met.

The problem was the bad apples. There was more than one, but the one that bothers me the most is the bad apple that was second in charge. I swear, she’s evil. It became very obvious after a short while that she missed the part about the mission statement…or she just couldn’t comprehend it. As far as I could tell, she had little to no empathy for the people we were supposed to help and a great majority of this organization managed to help the people despite the evil second-in-charge. All you would need is a ten-second conversation with her to realize how self-important she portrayed herself to be and how she let the power not only go to her head but permeate her inner-being that could only be expelled by being a self-centered, money-grubbing, power-wielding, dictator-like piece of scum…and if it makes any difference, I just went light on my description of her. All I can assume is that she has some dirt on the Director, otherwise any other sane person in charge would’ve eliminated her long ago. I don’t miss that job, but I sure do miss my co-workers and a good number of people I was able to assist.

Now for the second singled out person I’ve had to work with. This person represents the type of person many of us have had to deal with. The do-nothing person. The one that seems to be above reproach and leaves you wondering why? The one that acts superior to everybody else even though they only do a fraction of the work. The one who if you acted like them, you would be out of a job. Yes, that one.

That’s all I’m going to say about this particular person because, well, just because. I believe my description made many of you think of someone in your past or present who fits this type very closely or maybe even exactly.

All I know is that even though there’s usually that one bad apple in the bunch, you can still make a decent apple pie with the good apples you have left. If you can focus on the apple pie and not give the bad apple the attention they don’t deserve, you’ll be fine. Karma is going to eventually catch up.


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  1. I could say A lot but… Yes thanks to All those good apples. and for karma yes Bad apples need some karma for a sweetener lol

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