Football Bets

This next Sunday, my beloved Packers will be playing the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs in Green Bay. Now since I live in Washington state, I’m surrounded by Seahawks fans…to include my grandkids. I always proudly wear my Packers gear, but when they play each other, it takes on added significance in my interactions with other people. It’s always a conversation starter.

SEAHAWKS FAN: Packers, huh?

ME: Yup.

SEAHAWKS FAN: They’re gonna lose.

ME: Ok.

SEAHAWKS FAN: I liked Brett Favre though.

ME: Me too.

SEAHAWKS FAN: It’s gonna be cold in Green Bay.

ME: Always is in the Winter.

SEAHAWKS FAN: That’s gonna help the Packers.

ME: Usually does.

See? A perfectly good two-way conversation with the enemy. Did you notice how friendly I was? Did you notice the Seahawks Fan just conceded the victory to my Packers? Smart fan, that one.

A number of years ago, the same two teams had met in the playoffs. We had just moved back to Wisconsin for a couple of years and my former co-workers in Washington decided to make a bet with me on the outcome. If the Packers won, they would send me some smoked salmon. If the Seahawks won, I would send them some cheese. The Packers won. They would move on to play the Giants.

I patiently awaited my victory prize but wasn’t prepared for what happened next. At the Post Office, I had a veteran friend who gave me a call one day. He said he wanted me to come to pick up a package in person. I thought that was odd, but I went. There were a group of postal workers gathered around my package. I soon saw why. All over the outside of the package were words…words like “Dazeodrew is a Giants fan” and “Go Giants” and so on. It was pretty funny. I opened the package and inside was another box with the same things written. I opened that and there was yet another smaller box with even more written. Then I opened that box and it was a little can of smoked sardines.

A week later I finally got my smoked salmon. Months later, I finally stopped hearing about the first package. There were a lot of veterans who thought it was hilarious. That’s ok…not only did I get some good smoked salmon, I also got a can of smoked sardines. The way I see it, I doubled my winnings. Of course, the cat was a little impossible around my breath…

So this next Sunday will be another special day for the Dazeodrew household. I haven’t made any bets yet, but I definitely been hearing about the upcoming game. You see, at work, I get to wear a football jersey on the weekends. I don’t need to tell you what jerseys I wear, do I? Needless to say, I’m generally surrounded by Seahawk jerseys. On the weekdays, I wear a lanyard (that’s what they call those things you wear around your neck that hold cardholders or badges) that’s all Green Bay Packers. The green and yellow really stand out against my tan shirt. Yes, I’m a fan, and yes, I’m proud.

Even if they end up losing, I will always be a Packers fan.


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