Palindrome Day

Yesterday was a unique day. It was February 2nd, 2020 and it was a palindrome. In other words, numerically, it reads the same backward as it reads forward. 02022020, as in 02/02/2020. Cool huh? What really makes it unique is that the last palindrome date, also called global palindrome day, was 909 years ago on November 11, 1111. Yes, it was 11111111 or 11/11/1111.

Numbers have always fascinated me, but palindromes apply to letters in words too. For example, “madam” is the same forward and backward. It can be an entire sentence. For example, “Poor Dan is in a droop.” Again, cool huh?

But back to the global palindrome. The next one won’t occur until 12/12/2121, nearly 101 years from now. After that, it won’t be until 03/03/3030. So you can see, this is a unique date. Very few generations have been alive on a palindrome day. We’re special…

What are the special factors around this date? Um, other than the whole forward-backward thing, nothing. It’s just another day…unless, of course, you are the type of person that adds special significance during certain days that fit some mystical number thing. I clearly don’t know anything about that. Maybe there’s some truth to it…then again, maybe not. I do know that if something is weird, entire cults can be built around it.

CULT LEADER: The spaceships will come pick us up at exactly 2:02 AM on 02/02/2020! That’s an hour from now! Pack your toothbrush!

A couple hours pass.

CULT LEADER: Ok, my math was a little off. They’re coming at 4:04 AM! Last chance to run and get your toothbrush if you forgot!

A couple more hours pass.

CULT LEADER: My bad. I obviously overlooked military time. They’ll be here at 20:02 tonight! Plenty of time to go buy some more toothbrushes! Those of you that are leaving, you’re going to miss out!

More hours pass.

CULT LEADER: Ok, something must’ve screwed up here. Maybe the spaceships ran into a giant space dust cloud…yeah, that’s it! They’re just running late! Please don’t leave!

The clock strikes midnight and the palindrome day is over.

CULT LEADER: Maybe I got the time zone wrong…

A few hours later as the cult leader sits by himself in a grassy field, a spaceship bursts through the clouds and lands nearby. The hatch opens and little green men hop out.

CULT LEADER: I knew you would come! Why were you so late?

ALIEN #1: You wouldn’t believe the traffic back in the Nebula System! We were stuck on the Space Tollway for hours!

ALIEN #2: That’s your fault booger head! I told you to take the back way! But NOOOOOO! You just had to take the tollway!

ALIEN #1: Quit nagging me in front of our guest! Now I’m embarrassed!

Then both aliens look around.

ALIEN #2: You’re alone?

CULT LEADER: Yeah, everybody left hours ago when you didn’t show. But I’m here! My faith never wavered!

Now the aliens look at each other.

ALIEN #1: One human hardly qualifies as a test group.

ALIEN #2: I am so disappointed. If you had only…

ALIEN #1: Please don’t start up on me again! I’m sorry, ok?

CULT LEADER: Test group?

ALIEN #2: Hey, do you have any friends? We brought enough probes for a good dozen of you.


ALIEN #1: Where are our manners? Would you like some UFO tofu?


ALIEN #2: You’re entirely too skinny for our probing purposes. We need to fatten you up.

CULT LEADER: Wait…what?

Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful palindrome day. By the way…UFO tofu is a palindrome.


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