Angel on Earth

There are some people who come into your life that completely change it for the better or for the worse. Their actions have such an impact, the rest of your life decisions derive from meeting them. Their memory enters your thoughts at various times and you contemplate how things may have been different had you not met them. This blog post is about one of those who made my life better.

Since I don’t use real names in my blog, we’ll call her “Rain,” which is appropriate because of the blessings she rained on me and my family. She was a no-nonsense woman who handled things in her own way and even though she had a guarded and private personality, she had an enormous heart. She is the reason I didn’t end up homeless and hopeless many years ago.

I first met her when I went to look at an apartment after receiving notice that we were losing the one we lived in. I had lost my job, we were 2000 miles from family, and I was dealing with issues from my time in the military. Things were very bleak at the time and I had little hope to get housing for my family before it was too late. I wasn’t even sure why I was looking at the apartment because I didn’t have the money to move in. She showed us around and I realized I finally had to tell her.

ME: Um, I don’t have any money just yet.

RAIN: That’s ok, here’s the keys.

Just like that. Seriously, just like that. In a matter of one statement, I went from dread to shock. She didn’t even want to talk about how I might get the money later. She just insisted we move in. For the next couple years, we were going to be her project to help and see through to hope. The cool thing about her was, we weren’t the only ones she helped. There were other families in the same apartment complex that she was helping as well.

I remember when she asked me to show a vacant apartment. She told me that whatever the person said, tell them it was their’s. She explained they just had a tragedy in their family and needed a place to live. Give it to them.

PERSON: Um, I don’t have any money just yet.

ME: That’s ok, here’s the keys.

At the time, I was using an old IBM Selectric Typewriter so I could try to write a novel. I had only been out of the military for a year and I was determined to write a book. It was slow-going since I never learned key-boarding and typed with just my index fingers (I still do, but can get up to 45 wpm if motivated). One day she showed up with a computer. I let it sit on the floor for a few days before finally opening the box and setting it up. I crashed it within minutes, fixed it, and was hooked.

A year later, she offered to let us move into her house in the country. She moved upstairs and gave us free rein of the main floor. It was a beautiful change for us and we woke up to a wonderful view of Mount Rainier every morning…when it wasn’t cloudy. I was inspired and wrote furiously at that time. Of course, other things happened in life and it all came to an end, but I ended up back in school and on my way to a better life. None of it would’ve happened without Rain. She was my angel.

Years later, in fact not too long ago, I had the chance to see Rain again. It was as if nothing changed. She looked exactly the same (which solidifies my angel theory) and it was so moving to see her after all the years. This post really doesn’t do her kindness justice, because she did so many other wonderful things for us, but I hope if she ever reads this, she’ll know she’s appreciated and a Godsend.


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