A Tale of Pygmy Goats

When my kids were still young, I rented a place that had a little acreage. It wasn’t quite big enough to get a horse, but it was big enough to get a couple of Pygmy Goats…so we did. We actually got a good bargain seeing both of them were pregnant. My kids were excited.

The fenced field we kept them in was about 2 acres. There was an old bathtub to keep water in and I built a small shelter so they could stand out of the rain if they wanted. The adult goats were a little boring, being pregnant and all, but we knew the day was coming when we would have some little ones to enjoy watching.

Behind the fenced pasture was a senior trailer park and the people who lived there were very nice. At least the ones we met were. They would always wave and seemed to enjoy sitting in their backyards while watching the goats. It was a good place to be at the time.

One of the things I regret is telling the kids that they could each have a baby goat to call their own when they were born. Had I thought it through, I would’ve considered things like, what if there were only two or three baby goats? I had four kids. Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry, though I did at the time.

The first mama goat gave birth on a rainy night to a single kid. My daughter was the oldest so she claimed it immediately. She picked it up and carried it to the shelter to get it out of the rain. This mama goat had been smaller than the other so I still held out hope we would get enough babies from the other one.

Two nights later, the other mama started giving birth. It was another rainy night, but that didn’t stop the neighbors from the trailer park from watching the event unfold. The first kid came out and my oldest son laid claim to it and carried it to the shelter. About ten minutes later, another kid came out and my second youngest son picked it up and carried it to the shelter. I stood there with my youngest son and prayed. He was only about 3-years-old, but you could see that he was undeterred in his hope that another one was coming.

God heard my prayer and sure enough, we had another kid come out. I was so proud as I watched my youngest wipe the afterbirth off the baby before picking it up in his little arms and carrying it to the shelter. To our surprise, the trailer park people began to cheer.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a baby pygmy goat, but they are the cutest, most hilarious little creatures on Earth. They bounce all over the place, head butt each other, and climb things. In our case, they turned the bathtub into their own little mountain to hop up and down on. They would also hop on each other. Their exuberance was contagious and my kids couldn’t wait to get home from school every day so they could play with the goats.

The best day with the baby goats was when we packed them into the van and took them to my youngest son’s daycare so he could show them off to the teachers and the other children. We put up a makeshift pen and all the little ones were able to pet and feed the goats after my youngest son showed them how. They didn’t even mind when a baby goat would head butt them and they would fall to the ground. They would just laugh and laugh. It was a joyous scene and a wonderful day.

That was a fun experience and we all enjoyed our time with the goats.


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