Privileged People

I was at work the other night when an obviously well-to-do couple waved me over to their slot machines. Since I’m a slot attendant, I felt the obligation to go over there. I thought maybe they were having a problem. Well, they had a problem all right, but it wasn’t what I expected…

ME: Can I help you?

WOMAN: Yes, is there any way you can get that man over there to move to another machine?

I looked over at the guy she was talking about and even though he looked a little rough around the edges, he was quietly playing his slot machine.

ME: Um, what did he do?

WOMAN: Well, just look at him! He’s probably a drug-user or homeless!

ME: Um, but he hasn’t bothered you?

WOMAN: Well, of course, he’s bothering me! Look at him!

ME: Um, I can’t just ask him to move to another machine because you don’t like how he looks.

At this time I was doing my best to be professional. People like this always get under my skin and if I wasn’t at work, I would’ve let them know why. The woman stopped playing momentarily and glared at me.

WOMAN: My husband and I have spent a lot of money at YOUR casino! We would expect some consideration!

ME: But Ma’am, he’s also a paying customer. He has every right to play where he wants as long as he’s a paying customer. I’m very sorry.

MAN (to his wife): I told you. They don’t care who gives them money.

WOMAN: Well, if they’re going to allow that kind of person in, maybe we should go elsewhere!

My mind was thinking this was a splendid idea, but my mouth had to keep itself shut. It was her next statement that made me leave before I said something I wouldn’t regret, but would definitely cost me my job.

WOMAN: Who knows what kind of diseases that man is sharing with the rest of us! Look at him! He probably has that coronavirus the way he lives!

Like I said, I left in a hurry.

Why is it that some people with a little bit of money seem to think they are above everybody else? They are under the impression that they are in a class of people that deserve special attention and privilege. They think that what they say and think are more valuable than everybody else…except, of course, the people richer than them. They spend their time fawning and bouncing around the richer people’s feet like dogs trying to please a master. It’s pathetic.

When will people understand that money doesn’t make you who you are, your character does. All money means is that you can buy more crap. Of course, the more crap you have, the more secure you can feel…somewhat. At this point, you start competing with other wannabe rich people in trying to have better crap than them. It’s all about the crap.

The bad news for this woman and her husband? That coronavirus can’t be bought. Their money and privilege will be of no use. It’s like the flu or a cold…they don’t care who they infect. I could be wrong…maybe it works like this:

VIRUS: I’m coming to get you! All I have to do is make this person I’ve infected sneeze or shake your hand. Haha, you’ll soon be mine!

WOMAN (the same one from before): Excuse me, Mr. Virus is it? Are you aware who we are?

VIRUS (looking a little uncomfortable): Um, no.

WOMAN: We are the MacGillicutties! We own a big house, a boat, and have two new Mercedes in the driveway!

VIRUS: Well, um, what’s your investment profile look like?

MAN: We can have liquid assets numbering in six figures within a day or two! How much do you need to go away?

VIRUS: Oh, well, I had no idea you were privileged!

WOMAN: That’s right! Now go away and infect somebody deserving of being infected…like that rundown rough-looking guy over on that other machine! It should be easy for you! He already looks sickly and beneath us!

VIRUS: Oh, yes, I see what you mean. Sorry to bother you good folks.

MAN: I would think so…

Of course, all of us common sense thinking people realize viruses don’t work this way. I imagine the rich wannabe people getting the virus passed along to them by one of the sets of feet they grovel around. Also, of course, they will blame the unseemly guy at the other machine for giving it to them. That’s what they get for mingling with us common folk. Of course, they’re probably in a better position to pay for their medical treatment, but I think the coronavirus won’t much care about their ability to pay. I believe it’s an equal opportunity virus.


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